Green Choice For Tomorrow

Newhope_副本    To Think-Do Environment, sustainability means adding value in all the  

    economic, environmental, and social spheres. 

    This triple bottom-line approach has been adopted since Think-Do 

    Environment  establishment.      

    Today, our long-term targets are set to fulfill our stated purpose of  finding 

    biological answers for better lives in growing world. 

    We think about future and do everything we can to make tomorrow better.

Sustainability governance

Sustainability is governed at the very top level of Think-Do Environment – Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team – and sustainability activities and targets are anchored and executed across Think-Do Environment’ functions and operations. 



Think-Do Environment’ materiality assessment is a systematic and rigorous process that integrates inputs from external stakeholders, trend analyses, and internal engagement with relevant departments e.g., Risk Management and Corporate Sustainability.

Sustainability performance is a continuous journey

Think-Do Environment has a strong track record of sustainability excellence. We believe that sustainability performance is a continuous journey and therefore have a number of targets and programmes to continue improving.

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