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A Chelant, referred to as an organic molecule with several functional groups, is designed to establish more than one chemical bond with most positively charged transition metal ions, stabilize them, increase their solubilities and thereby prevent these ions from forming insoluble precipitates with other ions that may be present in solution. 

Hebei Think-Do Environment Co.,Ltd (formerly Desai Chemicals) manufactures, markets and sells new functional biodegradable complexing and chelant products. Based on advanced catalytic process technology, our products are biodegradable and environmental-friendly and solve kinds of mineral scale problems in agriculture, industrial water treatment, cleaning, paper-making, printing,oil field etc markets.

Polyaspartic acid salt products

Polyaspartic acid is a biodegradable high molecular weight polymer, having the characteristics of no phosphorus, non-toxic and pollution-free. With the structure characteristics of peptide bond and active group such as carboxyl group, it has powerful functions such as chelate, dispersion, and adsorption, etc. and also good compatibility.


Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt

As the outstanding alternative of EDTA, Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt is superior to the conventional complex agents, because of its excellent capabilities of complexing iron, copper, zinc and calcium ions etc, and outstanding biodegradability and compatibility.


Polyepoxysuccinic acid sodium salt




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