Green Choice For Tomorrow

On May 18th 2000, Desai Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr Yanwen Yang, with the aim to creat green chemicals.


In 2000 Desai Chemical Co., Ltd. and State Key Lab of C1 Chemical Technology of Tianjin University agreed to cooperate and jointly developed production technology for polyaspartic acid and achieved its commercial production for the first time in China.


In 2005 Polyaspartate from Desai Chemical Co.,Ltd had been approved as " The National Key New Product" by four ministries and committees of China.


In 2005 Desai Chemical Co., Ltd., Tongji University and Tianjin Chemical Research & Design Institute jointly formulated the industrial standard (HG/T 3822-2006) for polyaspartic acid in China.


In 2012 Desai Chemical Co.,Ltd. becomed to be a member of Industry Association of Water Soluble Polymer of China.


In 2014 Desai Chemical Co.,Ltd. invented the production technology of green complexing agent-Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt and applied its patent in China.


In 2015, Desai Chemcial Co.,Ltd. officially changed its name to Hebei Think-Do Environment Co.,Ltd., to be on the list of IPO.


In 2016, Hebei Think-Do Environment Co.,Ltd. successfully got listed in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) market, with stock code 838632.


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