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                                                                           Polyaspartic acid Salt for Industry

CAS Number181828-06-8, 34345-47-6                                                   Molecular Formula: C4H5NO4(C4H4NO3Na)nNa2  


PASP 40%-1                             PASP 40%-2

Product Description:

PASP is an artificial synthetic water soluble polymer of high molecular weight, having the characteristics of no phosphorus, non-toxic, pollution-free 

and complete biodegradable. With the structure characteristics of peptide bond and active group such as carboxyl group, PASP has powerful functions 

such as chelate, dispersion, and adsorption, etc. and also good compatibility. 


Inspection Item

Indication Range for Liquid
Indication Range for Solid
Yellow to reddish brown liquid Light yellow powder
Solid Content% ≥
Density@20℃) ≥ 
Limiting Viscosity Number @30℃
pH Value(10g/L)
Biodegradation Rate/% ≥

Application areas:

It is widely used as corrosion inhibitors in the water treatment fields such as industrial cooling water recirculating, reverse osmosis formulation, metal 

cutting fluid, and boiler and steam pipeline; It can also be used as dispersant in papermaking, printing and dyeing industries.

Polyaspartic acid has an outstanding performance in the systems of high hardness, high alkalinity, high PH value and high concentration. Its scale 

inhibition function is better than the traditional scale inhibitors containing phosphine.

Due to its characteristics of non-phosphorus and completely biodegradation, PASP can be used as a new water softening ingredient in the household     detergent formulations.

Health and Safety:

The use of proper protective equipment is recommended when using this product. Wash thoroughly after handling. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Before handing this material, read the corresponding SDS for safety, health and environmental data.


Liquid product:25/250kg plastic drum, 1.25mt IBCs.

Solid product: 20kg/bag with pallet, 500kg/pallet.

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