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                                                                 Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt for Dyeing and printing

CAS Number144538-83-0                                                        Molecular Formula: C8H7NO8Na4

IDS-1                  IDS-2

Product Description:

As the outstanding alternative of EDTA, Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt is superior to top level of he conventional complex agents, because of its excellent capabilities of complexing iron, copper, zinc and calcium ions etc, and outstanding biodegradability and compatibility.


Inspection Item

Indication Range for Liquid
Indication Range for Solid
Colorless to yellowish, clear solution
White Powder
Solid Content% ≥
40  90
Active Content% ≥
Density@20℃) ≥ 
1.30 0.5-0.7
Viscosity Number @20℃
<50 mPa*s
<50 mPa*s
pH Value(10g/L)

Application areas: 

Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt can be used in oxidative bleaching of cotton with H2O2 in a variety of processes. It complexes iron and copper ions which would otherwise cause catalytic decomposition of the bleaching agent.

Iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt can be used to produce readily biodegradable micro element nutrient chelates fertilizers that are applied in agriculture and horticulture as foliar sprays, in soil application as well as in hydroponics and fertigation.

Health and Safety:

The use of proper protective equipment is recommended when using this product. Wash thoroughly after handling. Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible materials. Before handling this material, read the corresponding SDS for safety, health and environmental data.


Liquid product: 25/250kg plastic drum, 1.25mt IBCs.

Solid product: 20kg/bag with pallet, 500kg/pallet.

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